November 2020

Nutrient Deficiency In Tomato Plant

Nutrient Deficiency Management In Aquaponics

Plant nutrient deficiencies are common even in traditional and other methods of farming. In aquaponics, it is one of the most common problems that aquaponics gardeners deal with. Maintaining the nutrient balance in aquaponics can be frustrating, especially when most of what you read about aquaponics says that fish provides food for the plants in the system.

Important Considerations Before Setting Up an Aquaponics System

Important Considerations In Setting Up An Aquaponics System

Many important factors must be considered in setting up an aquaponics system. Whether it is for a small-scale indoor, backyard, or commercial aquaponics systems, it is essential that careful thought and planning must be done to succeed. Many start-up aquaponics systems failed because of a lack of research and proper planning.