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Component of Aquaponics Systems

All aquaponics systems have the same essential components. These include fish, plants, and bacteria, and depending on your aquaponics designs, the secondary components include the fish tank, grow beds (rafts or grow pipes), pump, and plumbing. All aquaponics system designs share these common and essential components. Each of these components plays a vital role in the success of your aquaponics system.

Top 5 Plants to Grow in Aquaponics

Aquaponics, if done successfully, will give you the satisfaction of harvesting and eating sustainable, fresh, and healthy food. It is relatively easy to set up and maintain. However, you need to plant crops that grow bests in an aquaponics set up to be successful. This blog will discuss the top 5 plants that grow in aquaponics systems to help you have a successful aquaponics garden.

The Best pH for Aquaponics Systems

Managing pH levels in an aquaponics system can be tricky because of the three different organisms that must be considered: plants, fish, and bacteria. The success of your aquaponics system comes from the balance between these three organisms. Each organism prefers a different pH range, and it is essential to keep your system in the ideal range. So what are the best pH levels for aquaponics systems?

The Importance of Fish Health in Aquaponics

Fish plays a vital role in aquaponics. They produce the waste that the plants need to grow and thrive. So understanding what fish needs is essential in running a successful aquaponics system because if the fish is not healthy, their waste production will slow, which will result in poor plant growth and harvest. If you want a successful aquaponics system, preventing fish diseases should be your primary concern. This blog discusses the importance of keeping your fish healthy and happy to have a successful aquaponics system.

The Importance of Bell Siphon in Aquaponics Systems

A bell siphon is another component of a media based aquaponics system that regulates the water flow. It also efficiently helps move the water in your media bed aquaponics system. If you’re planning on building your own media based aquaponics system, it is necessary that you understand the importance of a bell siphon. This article …

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How to Choose the Best Aquaponics Grow Light

Many aquaponics growers choose to set up their own system indoors because of the benefits it gives them. These indoor aquaponics systems are often built inside a garage, basement, spare room, and kitchen. Because an indoor aquaponics system does not have access to any direct sunlight, grow lights are necessary.  Plants need light to grow, …

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Aquaponics vs. Hydroponics: What’s the Difference?

The depletion of natural resources, contamination of water sources, misuse of synthetic chemical inputs, and lack of arable land have resulted in people looking for alternative, safer, and healthier ways to grow plants. This has led to the concept of soilless gardening, which has grown in popularity in recent years.   Overall, aquaponics and hydroponics are …

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