Raft System of Aquaponics

Aquaponics Resources for Beginners

Aquaponics can sometimes be confusing to a beginner in aquaponics because of its difference from the traditional method of gardening. Anyone who wants to start their own aquaponics garden often asks what and where to find the best resources, to begin with, aquaponics? 

To help you get started with aquaponics gardening. We gathered these best aquaponics resources for beginners. These resources include blogs, articles, videos, product reviews, books, and home aquaponics DIYs, to help you quickly learn how to start and maintain your aquaponics garden.

Getting Started With Aquaponics Guide

1. The Ultimate Aquaponics Beginner’s Guide: This Ultimate Aquaponics Beginner’s Guide will serve as an overview, giving you all the information necessary to get started with your aquaponics system. The important things you need to consider and the essential checklists are listed to help you plan your system accordingly for the success of your aquaponics system.

2. Aquaponics 101: Discusses everything you need to know about aquaponics. These also include tips and techniques for starting your aquaponics system.

3. Getting Started Checklist: These basic checklists are designed to get you to think of the most important considerations when planning your aquaponics system. This checklist is for home, hobbyist, and school scale systems. This checklist does not cover the planning required for a small farm or commercial-scale aquaponics system.

Fish In Aquaponics

1. What is the Best Fish in Aquaponics: This article discusses which fish are best for aquaponics.

2. Keeping your Fish Healthy in Aquaponics: This blog discusses what you need to make sure you’re taking proper care of your fish. Since they are a vital part of your system, do your best to provide them with the things that they need to thrive.

Gold Fish in Aquaponics

Plants In Aquaponics

1. Top 38 Plants for Aquaponics: These are lists of the top plants that are great for aquaponics. These also include simple guidelines that you should keep in mind when choosing plants for your system.

2. What are the Best Plants for Aquaponics: Plants grown in aquaponics grow much faster than other growing methods. An aquaponics system can grow most types of plants. Read this article to learn which plants are best for your aquaponics systems.

System Cycling in Aquaponics

1. How to Cycle your New Aquaponics System: To get started in aquaponics, learn a few important things for the success of your system. If you’re a starter, read this article to learn how to cycle your new aquaponics system.

2. How to Cycle An Aquaponics System: This Youtube video explains the importance of cycling a brand new aquaponics system. It also shows how to cycle your new aquaponics system through “fishless cycling.”

Methods of Aquaponics

1. Pros and Cons of Different Types of Aquaponics Systems: Reading this article will help you understand the different types of aquaponics and their pros and cons.

2. What is the Media-Based Aquaponics System: Learn the strengths and weaknesses of a media-based aquaponics system.

3. What is Raft System of Aquaponics: If you’re considering aquaponics and want to set up a Raft System, this article is for you.

Water Quality in Aquaponics

1. Ideal Water Parameters in Aquaponics: Water is considered as the lifeblood of an aquaponics system. This article discusses the importance of ideal water parameters in aquaponics and how to test and fix water quality issues.

2. Water in Aquaponics: Talks about the water in an aquaponics system and its relation to the fish, plants, and bacteria.

Components Of Aquaponics

1. How to Choose the Right Grow Bed: Grow bed is where your plants grow. This article discusses how to choose the right grow bed for your aquaponics system to ensure its success.

2. How to Choose the Right Fish Tank in Aquaponics: Fish tanks are where your fish live, so it is important to choose the right fish tank carefully with an emphasis on strength, safety, water quality, and durability. Read this article to learn how to choose the right fish tank in aquaponics.

3. Top Six Water Pump for Aquaponics: A water pump is one of the most important components of an aquaponics system. Having an efficient water pump will ensure the quality of plants and fish you’re growing. In this article, we’ll help you select the right water pump to get you started.

4. Top Growing Media for Aquaponics: This article discusses the importance of growing media in aquaponics and how to choose the right grow media that will suit your plant’s needs.

5. Guide to Indoor Aquaponics Grow LightsThis guide to indoor aquaponics grow light will help you create the right light setup that is suitable for your growing environment. 

Aquaponics Books

1. Aquaponic Gardening: This book by Sylvia Bernstein is one of the most popular aquaponics books for beginners. The topics covered in this book include:

  • A guideline on how to become an aquaponics farmer.
  • Learn about the different working parts of an aquaponics system.
  • Learn the considerations in choosing the best location for your aquaponics system.
  • Learn how to come up with a balanced ecosystem for your Aquaponics system.
  • Tips on how to do sustainable home gardening.
  • Learn the general setup and maintenance of your aquaponics system.

This is a great book to start with as it summarizes how aquaponics works and examples on how to get started. 

2. Aquaponics How to Do Everything: This book by David H. Dudley PE shows you how to produce fresh organic produce in aquaponics easily. In this 600+ page book, you’ll learn how to earn extra income or start a profitable aquaponics business. This book also includes the basic step-by-step instructions on how to operate an aquaponics system and an overview of various systems of aquaponics.

3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening: This easy to read, follow, and understand a book by Meg Stout, is excellent for beginners in aquaponics as it provides extensive information about aquaponics. In this book, you’ll gain insights into choosing the best setup for your aquaponics system, how to choose the right fish and system, and learn the different aspects of indoor and outdoor aquaponics systems.

4. The Essential Aquaponics Guide: This book by Andy Jacobson, is excellent if you need a step-by-step guide in setting up your aquaponics system. It gives lots of details like choosing the right fish, the importance of beneficial bacteria, and provide some samples of easy to build aquaponics systems. Compared to other books, this one has offered lots of practical information about aquaponics.

Aquaponics DIY Videos

1. Aquaponics Design – 3 Easiest System to Build for the Backyard: This Rob Bob’s YouTube video shows you the 3 of the easiest DIY aquaponics systems that you can build yourself in your backyard. These systems can be added or tweaked to increase the amount of fish and vegetables you can grow in your aquaponics system.

2. How to Build an Aquaponics System for Indoor gardening: This YouTube video is a guide on how to build an aquaponics system for indoor gardening to grow veggies all year round

Aquaponics Maintenance

1. Aquaponics Maintenance Tips: This article offers a brief look at what you can do to maintain the right aquaponics condition for your system to work.

2. Important Tips on Aquaponics Maintenance: This gives aquaponics beginners ideas on the daily, weekly, and monthly checks that aquaponics growers do to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of their aquaponics system.

3. Aquaponics Plant Deficiencies: Aquaponics plant deficiencies can affect plant growth and make plants more susceptible to insects and diseases. This article discusses the different plant nutrient deficiencies in aquaponics and how to treat these deficiencies.


Sometimes, getting started with aquaponics can be confusing to a beginner. However, with the right resources, anyone can start their aquaponics system easily. Don’t be discouraged by the challenges you’ll meet in starting and maintaining your system because that is part of learning. Experimentation and trial and error makes aquaponics more exciting and challenging. You can also join our AFB Group, a worldwide aquaponics community where you can share your aquaponics journey with others.